Summer Garden Internship Opportunities at SEEDS

Summer Garden Internship Opportunities at SEEDS

Published Tuesday, Jun 11, 2013

SEEDS is excited to announce two new internship opportunities starting as soon as June 14th.  Please help us spread widely to qualified candidates. 

All questions should be contacted to our Garden Manager, Hilary Nichols at or 919-683-1197.
Deadline : Friday, June 21st, 2013
SEEDS is an educational community garden that uses gardening and growing food to 
teach respect for life, for the earth and for each other. Interns work in urban 
agriculture to provide food security and sustainable community development, while 
learning and passing on permaculture and organic gardening knowledge. Gardens that 
interns will work on will include a free-pick veggie garden for our neighbors, veggie 
garden to donate produce to needy organizations, bee garden, and fruit tree garden. 
We are particularly looking for highly motivated, knowledgeable, open-minded, and 
friendly people to apply for this position. The intern will work closely with the Garden 
Manager in her long-term and short-term programs. Each intern will be required to 
spearhead a special project, lead volunteer gardening groups, and assist in garden 
maintenance. For interns with interest, initiative, and experience, the responsibilities 
for this position may be expanded.
Major Responsibilities
20% time: Head up a special project, options including: 
-Design and implement plan for veggie crop rotation and companion planting for freepick garden.
-Coordinate master composter workshop program, construct 15 new compost bins, and 
design a new method of communicating which bin needs to be turned into which bin.
-Create and implement plan to engage low-income neighbors in garden.
-Research, design, and plant bee-supporting garden.
-Identify, inventory, and research bee and food uses for established plants in garden 
and Garden of Eatin’.
-New plan agreed on between Garden Manager and Intern.
30-50% time: Lead or co-lead volunteer individuals and groups in garden projects.
50-30% time: Garden projects to keep this community gathering space and 
associated programs running smoothly- watering, weeding, mowing, weed-eating, 
planting, turning compost bins, mulching, pruning. Responsible for keeping records of 
seeds and plants installed. Once to twice a month act as a docent for workshops.
Required Experience or Qualifications
-A demonstrated interest in urban agriculture, permaculture, and organic gardening. 
-Highly motivated individual capable of working independently without supervision. 
-This position is ideal for someone in school for Horticulture or a related degree, or with 
2-3 years of dedicated gardening hands-on experience.
Training and Support
The Garden Manger will work with Interns on some projects, and supervise the Interns’ 
special project. Organic gardening, vegetable gardening, and community development 
books are available at SEEDS. Access to a computer with internet will be provided. 
Interns are encouraged to network for comprehensive training.
Intern will complete a special project by the end of the internship, with weekly checkins. Intern will learn hands-on gardening and volunteer coordination skills. This is a 
significant opportunity to learn about the operation of a greenhouse, growing food, and 
organic gardening
Time Commitment 
20 hours/week or more on a regular schedule for 3 months
Supervisor :Garden Manager
Free rental of one community garden plot. Workshops free except for materials costs. 
Learn gardening and leadership skills on the job. Network in the organic gardening and 
neighborhood outreach fields. Unpaid position.
Deadline to Apply is June 21st with an expected start day of July 1, 2013
Please send your cover letter and resume to Hilary Nichols with the Subject Line: Garden Internship Position or drop off at our office at 801 Gilbert St. Durham, NC 27701 Suite 101

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