The Garden Blooms…

The Garden Blooms…

Published Wednesday, Nov 27, 2013

As you know, the SEEDS garden is changing. By early 2014 we will start installing a re-design of the garden. This year our Garden Manager, Hilary Nichols, contracted Abbey Piner to create and conduct community engagement activities around the re-design of the garden.  Abbey holds a Masters of Horticulture with a focus in Community Engaged Design and Permaculture from NCSU.  In Abbey’s engagement activities, we got input about how the garden should change from neighbors, staff, SEEDlings, board, community gardeners, volunteers, passers-by, and the broader community. By using engaged design we are sharing our value of the collective voice.

Abbey consolidated these recommendations for the garden change, and we gave the input to Will Hooker’s permaculture design class at NCSU.  Last week Will’s students got an in-depth tour of the gardens from Hilary, a deep explanation of the input all of you have for the garden from Abbey, and a history of SEEDS from Brenda Brodie, one of SEEDS’ founders.  As their final design project, Will’s students are each creating designs for what the garden should evolve into, based on your thoughts.

Please join us next Wednesday, December 4th from 1:30-4:30pm in the John O Daniel Exchange’s Multipurpose Room as Will Hooker’s Permaculture Design students present their 14 different designs of what our garden could be.

In the months following this presentation, a group of representatives from neighbors, staff, SEEDlings, board, community gardeners, and volunteers, called the Design Council, will be consolidating these design suggestions from Will’s students, and the input Abbey already gathered from all of you, into one garden design.  Please stay tuned for the next steps!

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