The Dirt on Dirt: All Encompassing Soil

The Dirt on Dirt: All Encompassing Soil

Published Tuesday, Sep 30, 2014

Undeniably, soil is the unique, indispensable substance which nourishes all life on Earth; it is the intersection at which the sun, microorganisms, and ancient plant life link to yield the ground which we indefinitely depend on. It may come as no surprise that we are in contact with soil everyday, but that it is the very cradle of our being may sound baffling. Nevertheless, this mysterious substance has been around since time immemorial, and the creatures that pre-dated humans depended on this loam like we do today. Since then, we have created a world which has taken advantage of this nutritious resource and we are now in danger of a future which is nearly devoid of arable land to grow food with an ever rising population .


It took thousands, if not millions of years to create the thin layer of topsoil we depend on today, and it is of utmost importance that we sustain that ground-life. Soil has seen all different walks of life pass over it, maintaining its amiable composition even with constant disturbance and disaster. In modern times it seems to have met its match by ways of industrial agriculture and climate change .  Without the soil, as nutrient rich as it is, we would never have the lush and resilient plant life that which we find in the Amazon and old-growth forests. Additionally, soil is the fittest and most essential substance because it can cultivate nutrients as over time and increase it’s own fertility.  Soil doesn’t fight dirty, but it certainly comes out on top .



The danger of soil loss is an imminent threat that can be alleviated by our collective consideration for this dwindling resource and the direct action to support it. First, you want to identify the soil you are working with so you know how best to support it. Then you can apply numerous methods (such as composting, cover cropping, strategic planting – keep an eye out for additional posts) on small and large scales to keep soil from degrading and becoming displaced. If we perfect these method and methods like it while maintaining and increasing soil health, we will have no problem feeding the 7 billion people of this Earth. Soil health should be of utmost importance to today’s generation, because without it, we would have no ground to stand on.


Why does it all matter so much anyways, I mean, it’s not like it’s the only thing that keeps us grounded….I mean, it’s not like we’re biting the hand that feeds us…Oh darn. My thoughts exactly. Maybe with our heads in the iCloud we struggle to see that we are all connected by this very special, very rare substance that is brimming with life, right below our feet. Why not replenish the world’s soil today? It has given so much to us!

Keep an eye out for my next blog posts in this series that will provide tools and techniques to support the soil!


– Written by Dylan Jarrell


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