Makin’ SEEDS

Makin’ SEEDS

Published Wednesday, Jan 14, 2015

SEEDS  hopes to provide the requisite resources for community members to be the solution to Durham food insecurity. Our biggest resource are the amazing people that come here to plant literal seeds in the garden – volunteers and program participants.

Volunteers are the marrow of any community garden and their help is a constant inspiration. All programs, from DIG to the After-School program all utilize and highly value volunteer support. Individuals are as indispensable to our mission and our vision as the bees in the garden, the trowel and worms in the dirt, and the sunshine in the sky.

SEEDS Durham

(Photo Credit: Kate Medley )

Program participants bring life to the organization , and they are examples of our mission and our vision . Thaddeus Bennett, Youth Educator at SEEDS, has learned that his kids are his best teachers because they are unpretentiously, unreservedly honest. For this reason he has to bring his “A” game to work every day. 


2004 - Seedlings ClarySageLit 008.jpg(The kids love being engaged in the garden!)

 Volunteers , (you can even teach at SEEDS! ), are as indispensable as they are inspiring and are probably the most important facet of the organization. Program participants manifest our educational goals, which is of utmost importance in the SEEDS mission. These essential pieces, required for SEEDS to continue to thrive and grow, combine with your help to conceivably create a prosperous future for our children, and the community they need to live happy, healthy lives.


Written by Dylan Jarrell


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