SEEDS’ Strengths and Wishes for the Future

SEEDS’ Strengths and Wishes for the Future

Published Monday, Jun 1, 2015


On May 12, 48 SEEDS participants, parents, board members, staff, neighbors and supporters came together over a dinner from Foster’s Market to discuss SEEDS’ strengths and opportunities.  

Thank you for your input and investment in the programs happening at 706 Gilbert St.  The community is indeed our largest strength – we cannot say this enough. 


YOU said SEEDS’ strengths were:

  • “Engaging young people and helping them build confidence”
  • An inviting place for all… a magnet that fosters a diverse and inclusive community…
  • “Good at growing leaders”
  • “People come for the garden and find much more”
  • Good at providing opportunities to learn life skills, especially those about growing food and nutrition, as well as plants and animals.

YOU said you wished for:

  • Linked programs that serve young people ages 6-18 more consistently and just more people in general.
  • Greater engagement with families
  • Increased outreach and engagement with the immediate neighborhood
  • More open, social community events, such as regular community dinners
  • Goats!
  • More funding = more staff


We are in the process of securing for more funding to use your feedback to shape SEEDS into the best version of itself for the next 20 years. Stay tuned!


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