I look forward to 3:15 pm every day.

I look forward to 3:15 pm every day.

Published Monday, Dec 7, 2015

My favorite part of the day is around 3:15 when the After School-ers dart from their bus, gallivanting through the gardens and come into SEEDS, all smiles, excitement and “Hi Mr. Thad!” I learn from them every day that it’s good to get away from my desk, laugh, do a few push ups and taste what they are making in the kitchen, which they always eagerly share. A few weeks ago, the Children’s Program made stuffed bell peppers with quinoa and I remember walking by the kitchen as they excitedly prepared their creation, smiles wide and proud. It’s easy for adults to often think “oh, when life was simple” upon a moment like this. I won’t lie – I have before and I did then. 

So low and behold when last weekend, I found myself in my kitchen, stunted and frustrated that I was hungry but not excited about cooking. Procrastinating on the computer, I grew more annoyed that cooking used to make me feel creative and I wasn’t feeling that way at the moment. We’ve all had that moment. Then a flash of insight – I could make stuffed bell peppers! The kids once again, there they were, teaching me what they knew – that feeling creative and excited about food can be easy. And fun!

It should be no surprise that they were right – I made this new (to me) dish and was instantly revived from my culinary frustration. It was one of those “of course” moments, when hindsight is 20:20 and that childlike fascination with the world was right there. As adults we forgot that we can have simple pleasures, and, in this case, all it took to re-inspire me was trying a new, simple recipe.  (Not to mention, it was delicious!)

There I was, learning again from SEEDS participants – sometimes your day can turn around 100% from something as simple as making a new recipe. 

The point I want to make is this: SEEDS staff is learning from you everyday. It’s a gift. Everyone who walks through the garden gates and into SEEDS teaches us something. Whether it’s the children reminding us that dancing without caring is the best thing to do at 4:30 pm, or the chicken brigade-rs who share with us what they’ve learned through observation of the chickens, learning is everywhere. It’s infectious. and I cherish every moment of it. 

Thank you for being part of SEEDS, in whatever capacity you have been involved. It’s shaped us to be who we are today and who I am today.


– Laurel Shulman, SEEDS Operations Manager

P.S. Here’s a list of stuffed bell pepper recipes if you want to spice up your dinners this week. 


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