Cooking with Chef Flip

Cooking with Chef Flip

Published Thursday, Mar 24, 2016

Every Monday, the After School Program kids run from their bus drop off on the corner into SEEDS. They look around until they spot him, preparing something in the kitchen or chatting with Heather in the wood floor classroom. It is the day they cook with Chef Flip.

There are a few things to note about when Chef Flip is in the kitchen:

  • 1 of the kids is chosen as “Second Chef”. This “job” is to support Chef Flip in whatever ways he needs. It is an honor to be Second Chef
  • Fun is crucial ingredient in the cooking process

This past week they made BaconFat Turkey Sliders w/ Italian Garden Kale, Provolone & Pepper-Balsamic “Ketchup”. They’ve made multiple types of Italian pasta dishes. They’ve made guacamole and sweet potato burritos. They’ve renamed cauliflower to “Snow Brocolli”. The list goes on and on. 


Apple added 1200 new loops with this update, so at this point there should be a little bit of something for everyone.