What vegetables are purple?

What vegetables are purple?

Published Monday, Aug 8, 2016

“What vegetables are purple,” Vera Braswell asked the SEEDS summer campers July 26th. The kids all raised their hands. “Eggplant!” “Potatoes!” Yes, the kids knew about purple potatoes! Vera was very impressed. Vera said it can be a bit taxing to have to think about eating a certain number of portions and a certain number of calories each day. Instead, she asked them to think of all the various colors of the rainbow and to strive to eat a variety of colors each day in order to Eat Right. After attending several weeks of camp at SEEDS, the kids really knew a lot about fruits and vegetables! She encouraged them to eat fresh, raw fruits and vegetables each day. If people want to stay alive and be healthy, they must eat foods that are fresh and alive with nutrients!
Vera Braswell from Temple Ministries conducted a health seminar for the kids attending summer camp at SEEDS. Temple Ministries is an educational service that focuses on teaching people how to be healthy by: 1) Living right, 2) Eating right, and 3) Exercising. The children were a beautiful diverse group of imaginative, friendly, intelligent children and Vera enjoyed their participation throughout the 20-minute seminar.
Per Living Right, Vera taught that living a non-violent life will improve health. Lying and cheating can cause you to be stressed and to always be worried about being caught. Stress isn’t good for your health. Vera asked the children if they had ever heard of the Golden Rule. Yes, they had! The rule is: Treat others as you would like to be treated. Many adults forget this rule, but Vera asked the children to please remember it.
In discussing Exercise, Vera asked what exercise was the best. Many hands went up. “Running!” “Walking!” “Jumping!” Vera asked who could swim and many hands went up. Then she asked if there was anyone who could not swim, and a few hands went up. Vera asked, “Would it be beneficial to tell the kids who can’t swim, that swimming is the best exercise?” All the kids said, “No!” Vera explained that the best exercise is whatever you CAN do and that you WILL do. As long as you do something to get the body moving, the blood pumping, and the muscles working, it is a good exercise. Vera asked, “Is gardening exercise?” All the kids shouted, “YES!”
At the end of the teaching session, all of the kids got a couple of Vera’s recipes to take home with them: 3 Sistahs Succotash and Vera’s Rainbow Slaw. Both of these recipes have an array of rainbow colors and will promote health. As a SEEDS volunteer, Vera submits recipes to the Durham Herald-Sun newspaper based on the season and what may be growing in gardens. In addition to teaching health seminars, and publishing a monthly newsletter for Temple Ministries, Vera is also an avid home gardener. For more information about Temple Ministries visit:

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