A Message from our Executive Director

A Message from our Executive Director

Published Friday, Nov 18, 2016


To call this election cycle intense would be an understatement. It has left residual tension and uncertainty that are palpable, even in an environment as serene as the Southside Garden. As we navigate a new political landscape, we remind ourselves that a garden is a place to connect – to the food and people that nourish us. We are even more committed to the hopeful work of building the leadership, confidence and capacity of young people through growing and cooking food.

We can all take inspiration from our young people, who often taste things they are suspicious of, and who are willing to describe their reaction, even when it dissents from their peers. As we head into the Thanksgiving holiday, we issue this call to action with our 2 kitchen rules:

  • Try it: Try something new at least once, even if you are suspicious of it. It may be a dish on the Thanksgiving buffet, or a conversation with someone who holds different views.
  • Don’t just say “Yum” or “Yuck”: Describe your appreciation for the flavors, or your disagreement with an opposing view. Create a conversation and grow.

We are inspired by the wonder of nature around us, the capacity and creativity of young people in the garden, and the process of building safe spaces for our community to grow together. We look to the special dishes and shared meals that bring people together to discuss, argue, laugh, and learn about each other.

While food is so often the vehicle, the reality is that you are our true ingredients for a healthy community. Join us in the garden, and together we can keep growing a healthier Durham.


Emily Egge

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