Jeff’s First Day at SEEDS

Jeff’s First Day at SEEDS

Published Thursday, Aug 3, 2017

The first day at a new job is always exhilarating.

In June, on my first day at SEEDS, I awaited parents eager to drop their kids off for the first day of summer camp. I stood in the clover circle, and a sense of patience and joy surrounded me. Bees buzzed between flowers, birds swooped by, and clouds rolled through.

There was something special about starting this new adventure on the first day of summer camp. Excitement filled the air from staff about the new, young gardeners and chefs in training. Newcomers tested out the water of friendships for the summer, and experienced the thrill of wandering through the garden for the first time, exploring the land. I, like many of the campers, found myself constantly looking around, finding new growth, and discovering opportunities to lend at hand.

In the last few weeks, I’ve spoken with many people in the SEEDS community, and the common thread is the feeling that we are all lucky to be a part of this treasured oasis. And I also know there is much to learn, many stories to hear, and much growth to be made.

As I settle into my new position here, I want to welcome you into our building and garden. Stop by just to say hello, or put aside some time to share your SEEDS stories with me.

Thank you for being part of our community, and for helping SEEDS grow.

With great appreciation and anticipation,


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