A Big Build: The Farm Terrace

A Big Build: The Farm Terrace

Published Friday, Oct 27, 2017

If you’ve walked through our garden recently, you’ve likely seen a transformation in progress. Thanks to many volunteers this fall, the space near the Chicken Castle is becoming “The Farm Terrace.”

Once completed, the Farm Terrace will consist of six large raised beds, which will shield the site from soil erosion while maximizing the space. While the total area of usable space had been approximately 800 square feet, by completing this project, the effective plantable area will increase to 1,650 square feet – more than doubled!

The idea for the terrace came out of a desire for a space in the garden that functioned more like a farm, where SEEDS could demonstrate to volunteers and students the methods for growing their own food at home.

Volunteer Bert Myers and Executive Director Jeff Howell originally brainstormed the project. Bert’s expertise in design and carpentry made it possible for him to design it from scratch. By using our repurposed lumber and with volunteers to help with construction, the impressive undertaking will have come at essentially no cost to SEEDS.

Every large group that has come since the end of September has been a part of making the Farm Terrace a reality. All told, it will have taken approximately 200 volunteer labor hours to complete (not including Bert’s meticulous and tireless planning!). We’re so grateful for all the helping hands.

Once completed, the Farm Terrace will be partitioned for different projects and maintained by various members of our community, such as our Junior High School After-School students, and Garden Interns. There will be enough space to produce a bounty of seasonal vegetables – to fuel our kitchen lessons and bring excess to the Farmers Market.

The first planting will be Winter Rye as a cover crop to help retain soil nutrients. Once spring arrives, the bed design will be a joint effort between the Garden Manager, Garden Assistant, and children in our programs.

Come take a stroll and check out our newest addition!

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