Summer Camp 2018: Week 3 Fun!

Summer Camp 2018: Week 3 Fun!

Published Thursday, Jul 19, 2018

The focus of our third fabulous week of summer camp at 706 Gilbert Street was a theme that spread the love: garden gifts! Throughout the week, campers learned all about beads (and how some wooden beads grow in the garden) and made friendship bracelets to give to someone special. We spent time with chickens in the coop learning about the gifts that chickens provide to our garden. We capped the week off with a Forest Food Tour and learned about all of the foods that grow around us that we may not even be aware of – hidden gifts of nature. And as always, we cooked lots of delicious plant-based meals with Chef Sumi in the kitchen including cauliflower tacos.

Oh, and we definitely played a lot of our new favorite game, Wizards, Elves and Giants (a whole body experience of Rock, Paper, Scissors!). Watch this great clip from our Instagram to see it in action!


As always, be sure to follow along on our Instagram for daily snaps from summer camp!

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