Summer Camp 2019 Session 1!

Summer Camp 2019 Session 1!

Published Friday, Jun 28, 2019

I was excited to intern with SEEDS because I had researched local nonprofits in Durham and found their mission to align with the work I see myself doing in the future. After scheduling a meeting/interview with Abby, I was drawn in. in late January, the garden still had many things growing! I got to walk around the healing garden, the vegetable bed, and peep into the chicken coop. was so much life happening and I was excited to be a part of it. After confirming that I be able to intern, I got to look forward to a summer in Durham and at SEEDS.

Almost as quickly as it started, the first session of summer camp is over! It was an amazing two weeks, getting to know the summer campers, going out in the garden, cooking, and otherwise having a fun time. I was so excited to meet the Seedlings that I would get to grow and work with all summer. Seeing the kids learn to cook using ingredients that they had harvested from the garden was great. Some of the kids are with SEEDS during the academic year and really get to see their efforts of planting and working in the garden during winter and spring pay off. Some of the standout meals from this session were vegetarian tacos with freshly made tortillas, fried rice, and barbeque tofu with mac and cheese and greens!

As an intern, I am currently splitting my time between working with Abby in Development most mornings and then getting to spend time with campers in the afternoon. I have gotten to see so much of how SEEDS works. I see the passion that drives this organization forward and the community that SEEDS has created

for itself. There are so many volunteers who are eager to spend their time at the farm, helping out in any way that they can, whether that be making sure that kids are washing their hands, weeding, or making sure that knives are held correctly. After just a few weeks at SEEDS, I cannot wait to see what the rest of the summer holds! To keep up with SEEDS this summer, follow us on Instagram at @seedsdurham.