Summer Check In!

Summer Check In!

Published Tuesday, Jul 16, 2019

Hello! Summer Camp at SEEDS is just about half-way over and as an intern, I thought now would be the perfect time to check in with campers and see what they have been up to! There are some new campers this week, so it has been exciting to already see some new friendships forming.

The weather is hot and campers are excited to get to be in the garden, cook, and learn about plants. There will be many new foods and plants that campers will be able to discover, as the farm has some new things ready to be eaten. The garden is in full swing and the hot weather will not stop anyone here at SEEDS, there is weeding to be done, produce to be harvested, and more.

When not in the garden, campers get to do a variety of activities such as arts, crafts, games, and more. This week and last week, campers have been learning about love languages and how to show appreciation and love to each other in a multitude of ways, such as words of affirmation. Additionally, it seems the game of Oregano made by our Farm Educator Trevor is quickly becoming a SEEDS cult classic. The game is a type of Uno that also includes learning about plant families parts of plants that are eaten, and more facts. As campers learn more about plants and gardening, the game will become faster and even more fun to play!

There is so much happening over here and we cannot wait to see what the rest of the week brings!