A Huge Thank You!

A Huge Thank You!

Published Thursday, Aug 8, 2019

Hello! Intern Pauline here. As my time at SEEDS comes to a close, I have been doing some reflecting on the summer. I got involved with SEEDS through simply emailing Abby with my interest in the organization.  I came by the farm in the midst of winter, had an interview, and then worked out the finer details of me being able to intern. I have spent my summer learning about what it takes to manage the development and social media of a small non-profit, while also being able to interface with summer campers. I learned about event planning through being in meetings about Harvest Dinner, one of SEEDS’  biggest yearly events. It was really educational to be included in what was going on around SEEDS. 

When not in the back office, I was in the kitchen (mostly taking photos), in the garden (again photos), or just out with the campers. Being able to interact with the campers was one of the most fun parts of the summer for me. There were three sessions of camp this year,  and some campers came for the whole summer. This allowed for me to build good relationships with them as well as see how new friendships would form after each session. Campers grew week to week, becoming more comfortable in the kitchen and with trying new foods. There were many yummy foods that were made in the kitchen, with some favorites being the taco bar, cornbread, popsicles, pizza, and popcorn. Campers saw the garden change through the two months and were a huge part of the efforts to make sure the garden remained weeded and also helped with planting.

I really loved everyday that I was able to spend at SEEDS. I learned so much and have gained clarity on various ways that I can continue to be an involved member of the Durham community. I cannot wait to see what else SEEDS will continue to do! Once again, thank you to SEEDS, campers, and all the volunteers for an amazing summer.