Chicken Brigade

The Chicken Brigade

Interested in chickens but want to learn more about them before permanently bringing them into your yard/life? The Chicken Brigade is for you! The Chicken Brigade is a group of volunteers who take care of the chickens in the Southside Garden. Each member is responsible for a day of the week and comes to the garden to check in the chickens, and make sure they have what they need to thrive.

A Day in the life of a Chicken Brigade-r

When you come in on your day, you will be spending about 15 minutes checking on the chickens.  Here is your task checklist:

  • Clean out any wet food, and fill up the food dish with dry food.
  • Clean the chicken water.  They get so enthusiastic, they walk all over it!
  • As chickens get larger they will need more water. Keep an eye on their water.
  • Adjust the heat lamp as needed for the chicken’s maturity.  Let us know if the adult chickens might need more cool shade.  Sometimes they need a good tanning spot, and sometimes a balmy palm tree.
  • Look at the chickens.  If you see anything unusual, please let SEEDS staff & other Chicken Brigade-rs know!

Interested in getting involved with the Chicken Brigade? Email