SAPLINGs Middle School Farm Internship

SAPLINGs Middle School Farm Internship

Please note: Due to the Coronavirus we are currently not operating in-person SAPLINGs programs at SEEDS. Please follow us on our Facebook and Instagram for ways to stay connected virtually. Additional resources will be added in the days to come!

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SAPLINGs is an empowerment internship for youth living in communities of color (6-8th grade) interested in farming and cooking. Our program is committed to uprooting racism in the food system by providing space for youth to grow their own crops, to have control over their own space, to be able share their harvest with their families and communities, to learn how to cook using fresh ingredients, and to gain leadership experience by working as counselors and mentors to our younger youth in our SEEDlings Program (1st-5th grade).

Half of our internship positions will be reserved for youth living in communities of color coming from neighborhoods affected by gentrification and/or food apartheid. Food apartheid is defined as the systematic and deliberate deprivation of access to healthy, accessible food for certain communities, usually communities of color. (Center for Health Journalism)

Reasons to love the program:

  • Work as a “camp counselor” and mentor for our younger youth, providing valuable one-on-one time and meaningful relationships
  • Have your own small plot of land on which to grow your own seasonal crops
  • Harvest your own crops and decide what to do with them
  • Cook alongside and share a meal with our Elementary and High School students on our “Community Fridays,” 3pm-5pm
  • Have the flexibility to choose your own after-school schedule
  • Work alongside the Farm Manager and Farm Educator to glean answers to your farming questions and receive demonstrations on techniques, tips, and tricks
  • Learn sustainable and organic farming methods which you can implement in your own neighborhood and community  
  • Learn about medicinal plants and how to heal short and long-term health problems by making your own natural medicine
  • Gain a head start on what we expect from our PAID High School students when you enter into 9th grade
Things to keep in mind when applying:
  • Farming can be hot, sweaty, dirty, muddy work. We will always look out for your safety, but you will have to work in gross weather sometimes.
  • Much of the time you may be working with young children as a mentor. Kids have a lot of energy and can be a handful! Patience is key to be successful for this program.
  • You will spend time independently on your plot, though the Farm Manager and Farm Educator will also be around and you can ask them questions



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