Semillas Youth

Semillas & Youth Food Council

Please note: Due to the Coronavirus we are currently not operating in-person programs at SEEDS. Our Semillas Coordinator has lots for Semillas students to do virtually! Please email Jeymi Dubon at for more information or to stay connected.  Students can be a part of our general youth group Semillas, and/or join our active  Semillas Youth Food Council. Follow along on our Facebook and Instagram  for all of the ways we are serving students during this time.

Semillas (seh-mee-yahs) is  a youth-led open community group for high school and underclass college students, aged 15-20. “Semillas” is the Spanish word for seeds! Semillas focuses on several areas such as mental health, food and environmental justice, college preparation, leadership, personal and professional development, and advocacy work. There is no cost to participate in the program and students are free to join throughout the year. The Semillas program meets throughout each week on a flexible schedule. Students will be given the opportunity to attend retreats, workshops, and conferences along with our weekly meetings. Students of all backgrounds are welcome.  

Students interested in gaining more formal leadership experience can also volunteer to join the Semillas Youth Food Council (SYFC). The SYFC is in charge of organizing the work and activities of the Semillas group, such as organizational planning, youth convening with our Food Youth Initiative partners statewide, identifying and writing grants, as well as coordinating with the DIG high school farm program. Interested students must first join Semillas and apply. We are also exploring paid time for leaders in the Semillas program in the future.

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Please note: we are evaluating the structure of the Semillas program for student safety in Spring of 2021. We hope to be able to offer exciting activities and projects for students whether in-person or virtually. Stay tuned for more information and please email Jeymi Dubon ( with any questions about future programs!