SEEDS runs day-to-day with the support of an energetic staff dedicated to Durham and to building a healthy, sustainable community.

Meet the Staff


Laurel Shulman

Operations Manager

Originally from Florida, Laurel has long had an interest in eating, growing and sharing food. She studied at New College of Florida and her undergraduate thesis was entitled “All Organic Food is (Not) Created Equal.” A cheese maker in a previous life, she has worked with numerous local food and sustainability organizations throughout the Triangle. She is fascinated by systems theory, and permaculture. As nerdy as it is, she loves talking about databases as a tool to help organizations get better at doing what they do. Laurel  is thrilled to be the Operations Manager at SEEDs and hopes to help spread the word on what SEEDS is growing, eating and sharing with the community.


Phone: (919) 683-1197


Kareemah Abdusamad

Children’s Program Manager

Kareemah Abdusamad comes to SEEDS as Summer Camp Manager after years of experience with Durham Public Schools Before and After school programs.  She is a master gardener volunteer and is an activist for agriculture in general and food justice in particular. Her specialty is home gardening.


Hilary Nichols

Garden Manager & Volunteer Coordinator

Hilary can’t wait to taste new foods, especially picked straight off the plant and popped in your mouth. Loquats are her favorite fruiting plant for their cheerful scent. Hilary loves gardening, and believes that dirty hands are happy hands! Hilary is a horticulturist. She gets excited teaching about gardening, and bringing people closer to plants and each other through growing together. Hilary is the one to talk to about edible and pollinator gardening in Southside, the SEEDS community garden program, workshops, plant sale, and the Garden of Eatin. She is committed to collaboratively honoring human work and creativity, while maintaining sound ecological practices through permaculture. Take care of the Earth. Take care of the People. Share the Surplus.


Phone: 919-683-1197 x 3