SEEDS runs day-to-day with the support of an energetic staff dedicated to Durham’s next generation. We are proud to be a Durham Living Wage Certified organization.

Please note! While we are working remotely during the Coronavirus outbreak, the best way to get in touch with SEEDS staff is via email as we do not have regular access to our work extensions. Thank you!

Trevor Hyde – Farm Manager & Educator (he/him/his)

Trevor joined the SEEDS Team in 2017, managing the farm itself, overseeing the farm education in all levels of SEEDS programming, and directly managing the DIG high school program. He has a Masters in Agriculture and Education from NC-State, and several years of experience farming in small settings. Since starting at SEEDS, Trevor has added over a half-acre of crop production to our 1.75acre property, restarted the DIG Program from scratch, designed the Middle School Program, and trained students to become leaders and staff in the field of sustainable agriculture education. He believes that we can change the world through food and our interaction with nature, and that teaching youth will create a generation of change for the future.

Phone: 919-683-1197 ext. 4

Betzaly – SEEDlings & SAPLINGs Farm Educator (she/her/hers)

Betzaly joined the SEEDS Team in 2019 as a student member of the DIG Program, graduating from Southern High School in the Spring of 2020, and continued on the team after graduating. In the DIG Program, she learned all the basics of sustainable farming. The most important piece of the program for her was learning leadership skills, how to manage a group of people, and how to stay professionally organized. She joined the Team in the Summer of 2021 as one of our new SEEDLINGS & SAPLINGs Farm Educators, bringing the knowledge and skills from the DIG Program to the Elementary and Middle School students in our SEEDlings and SAPLINGs Programs! She is excited to make a difference with the youth as a part of the team, and hopes they will see the value in staying with the programs and becoming a part of the organization.

Phone: 919-683-1197 ext. 6

Brittany- SEEDlings & SAPLINGs Farm Educator (she/her/hers)

Brittany joined the SEEDS team in 2019 as a student member of the DIG program, graduated from Southern Highschool in 2020, and is currently in the military and is going to military school for logistical work. She has the amazing opportunity to be working at seeds as a educator for the sapling and seedling this summer. She started at seeds as a Dig student summer 2019 and now am hoping to take her knowledge to her lessons for the kids. Her purpose is to make Seeds summer camp fun and enjoyable. She has taken a lot of skills from dig program like working as a team, communication and being yourself. She wants every kid to feel comfortable to express the way they feel and help kids work on communication skills.

Karisha Campos – Administrative & Facilities Manager (she/her/hers)

Karisha joined SEEDS staff in October 2020. I am originally from the Midwest. She graduated in 2016 with a Bachelors of Science in Instructional Design from Cameron University in Lawton, Oklahoma. She is very much interested in business organization, planning and organizational structure. She likes like to learn new things and keep herself up to date on the latest when she can. She is so glad to be apart of the SEEDS team and be administrative resource to staff, youth, and visitors. Ever since joining the SEEDS team Karisha feels that she has been in an environment that has really helped cultivate her skills to not only become better as a person, but to help SEEDS strive organizationally and logistically!


Phone: 919-683-1197 

Amber Parker- Education Coordinator (she/her/hers)

Originally from New Jersey, and have had the pleasure of living in serval areas up and down the East Coast. I have a Bachelor of Science in Human Services and Sociology from Lincoln University, PA and a Masters in School Counseling Education from North Carolina Central University! I am very passionate about quality education, and have had the pleasure of serving several years as the Head of School for an International Preschool along with, being an Assistant Director at a local childcare center. Learning never ends for me, as I enjoy attending workshops related to various areas of academic and emotional development in addition to, maintaining positive working partnerships with other child development agencies.
I am excited about bringing my knowledge and experience to SEEDs. Everyday, I get to work with an amazing group of educators who are equally invested in fostering a positive learning atmosphere for all students! During my free time, I love to spending time with my family, shopping at local stores, watching sports, and getting involved in the community.

Michelle Brown- Summer & After School Educator (she/her/hers)

Michelle is a local activist and community educator currently serving as the Summer and Afterschool Educator. She enjoys nurturing the minds of children through holistic education that focuses on the social, emotional, mental and physical development of young people, and she’s excited to share her love for well-rounded education with you!
Michelle has worked with children of all age groups from nannying infants and toddlers, teaching preschool, and working with UNC and Duke Summer Programs for middle and high schoolers.  While studying Women’s and Gender Studies and Hispanic Literature and Culture at UNC from 2014-2018, Michelle took an active role in many social justice-oriented groups, including the movement for the removal of the Confederate monument from UNC’s campus.
This experience taught her that youth are and always have been leaders of positive social change. She also served as an organizer for the Catalyst Conference, a program that brought high school students to UNC to learn about activism and grow as agents of change in their own communities. Students left the conference feeling empowered and equipped to bring positive change to their communities– and Michelle plans to bring that same empowering energy to the students of SEEDS programs.