Summer Camp

Summer Camp Registration Will Open March 1, 2018!

During the summer at SEEDS, youth (rising 1st-5th grade) spend their days in the garden and kitchen, gaining hands-on experience growing, cooking, and sharing food.

Each week, our lessons and activities explore a food-related topic in depth. Sign up for one session, or spend the whole summer exploring and growing with us!

WEEK 1, June 18-22: Ready, Set, Grow!

In the first week of summer at SEEDS, campers will learn how to plan, prepare and plant a garden bed. In the kitchen, they’ll work on basic cooking techniques and cook up seasonal, plant-based and garden-fresh dishes!

WEEK 2, June 25-29: Ready, Set, Grow!

Campers will dive deep into the life of plants, learning how to grow and maintain healthy crops. With the help of a local chef, they’ll cook the bounty and prepare a garden feast at the end of the week.

WEEK 3, July 9-13: Garden Gifts

Campers will explore many different uses for plants, including food, medicine, textiles and art. They’ll get creative with the gifts of the garden and make healthy recipes, healing hand salves, and natural plant dyes.

WEEK 4, July 16-20: Farming & Food Traditions

In week four, SEEDS campers will explore ancient farming practices and learn about a variety of plants used across cultures. In the kitchen, they’ll take cooking classes that showcase flavors, spices and cuisines from around the world!

WEEK 5, July 23-27: Ready, Set, Grow!

With the season in full swing, campers will harvest high summer’s delectable crops. In the kitchen, they’ll learn to prepare and preserve the bounty.

WEEK 6, July 30-August 3: Power to the Pollinator!

This week is buzzworthy! Campers will learn all about bees and other pollinators, and their importance in our environment. Activities include a beehive viewing, bee-keeper talks, honey tasting, and crafting lots of honey-based recipes!

WEEK 7, August 6-10: Farmageddon!

At the end of the summer, campers will gain skills in self-sufficiency and learn about environmental justice, food security and sustainability. We will finish the summer with a farm-to-table feast!