Workshops at SEEDS

We host a myriad of exciting, educational workshops and events throughout the year. Check back often for upcoming events!

Upcoming Workshops:

Designing a Healthy Home Landscape – September 7, 10 AM – 12 PM

The choices you make with your landscape impacts your health and the health of the surrounding environment. For many, the landscape can feel like a drain on time, energy, and finances. Cost-cutting and time-saving approaches to landscape management can expose us to poisons that damage our bodies and the environment beyond our property lines. Gain more control over health by joining Preston Montague at SEEDS for a presentation on best practices in the landscape. Preston will show you approaches to landscape design and management that he practices as a professional landscape designer that will help you save time and money, avoid frustration, and provide resources for the natural world around you. Through a few simple concepts and approaches, you will learn how to dramatically change the way your landscape impacts your health and the health of the environment. 

Preston Montague is an artist, educator, and landscape designer working to strengthen our relationship with the natural world for improving public health. Raised in the foothills of Virginia, Preston has achieved undergraduate degrees in fine art and horticulture, and a graduate degree in landscape architecture. He combines these disciplines to reach people across cultures and viewpoints to promote environmental stewardship as an act of health care.

Past Workshops:

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