Workshops at SEEDS

We host a myriad of exciting, educational workshops and events throughout the year. Check back often for upcoming events!

Upcoming Workshops:

FREE! Grafting Workshop and Scion Exchange – February 1, 2020

Learn how to create fruit trees that grow multiple varieties. Introduce new fruit options to a crowded yard. Grafting is the process of attaching one variety of plant to a different variety of plant (such as a Fuji apple onto a Gala apple tree). The workshop includes a grafting demonstration that will show you how to graft and what plant combinations will be successful. Supplies for grafting will be provided. If you have fruit trees, please bring labeled “scions” (twigs) from your plants to exchange with other participants. The more plant varieties people bring– the better!  Participants are encouraged to visit for tips on how to collect scions to bring to the exchange.  For more information visit: or contact:

Past Workshops: