Pro Heros Legal Project with Young, Moore and Henderson

Pro Heros Legal Project with Young, Moore and Henderson

Published Thursday, Apr 30, 2015


Three lawyers with the law firm of Young Moore and Henderson: Brodie Erwin, Chad McCullen, and Bob deRosset teamed up and volunteered their legal know how to assist SEEDS improve the forms that SEEDS uses to with its program participants and facility renters in conjunction with the Activate Good Pro Heroes Project

Laurel Shulman, Office and Communications Manager of SEEDS, worked with the YMH team.

 “Brodie, Chad, and Bob did a great job of learning about SEEDS and how we interact with program participants as well as members of the public that rent our facilities” said Laurel.  “After getting to know how we work, they made great suggestions on how we can tailor our intake and rental documents to clearly inform them of SEEDS’s policies, and well as provide us with some protection.  Through this process, we were able to draft documents that meet our needs.  This allows SEEDS to focus on our mission with the peace of mind that SEEDS is following good practices.” 

Chad McCullen, who advises businesses as a regular basis as part of his practice remarked, “I really enjoyed working with Laurel and getting to visit SEEDS to see first-hand how their operation works.”  Brodie Erwin added, “I was most impressed with their methods of teaching children how all parts of the eco-system work to make a garden thrive.  Their tarantula made a big impression on me.”  Bob deRosset, who has collaborated with Activate Good on past Pro Heroes projects remarked, “Often people don’t think to consult with lawyers until something has gone wrong and they need someone to help clean up a mess.  Laurel has the vision to be proactive in looking for solutions that prevent problems before they occur.”

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