Speed Weeding? Speed weeding!

Speed Weeding? Speed weeding!

Published Wednesday, Feb 17, 2016

SEEDS’ first annual Speed Weeding volunteer event held Wednesday, Feb 10th was a success! Six souls braved the 35F weather to rotate weeding areas while making new conversation and friends every 20 minutes. We had a range of interests and ages. The volunteers were 20-70 years old and included a lawyer, farmer, retired German immigrant and SEEDS regulars, to name a few. We weeded our serve-and-grow space, a vegetable-growing area geared towards community service, to prepare for late-February planting of leafy-greens and cruciferous veggies!

In light (or wintery clouds) of the upcoming holiday of love and materialism, bright red bows decorated the gazebo and the clothes of the Garden Intern, the MC of the event. We talked about the origins of our names, our deeper interests and how we all love long walks on the beach. We discovered we had several things in common, such as a love for outdoors and cold hands.

While the speed weeding did not result in a speed wedding, our hearts were warmed by the laughs and chats that emerged. We hope to host our second annual Speed Weeding next year with even more volunteers, perhaps when the weather is warmer.


Written By Lisa Bruckner, Garden Intern


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