Meet Tasha

Meet Tasha

Published Thursday, Apr 7, 2016

The SEEDS’ DIG program was a launching pad that allowed Tasha McMillan’s leadership potential to grow, and to flourish!

Tasha started with the SEEDS program when she was only 14 years old and in high school.  Though her involvement with SEEDS began as only a one-week stipend, she ended up staying with SEEDS through her entire four years of high school through the DIG program and now works as the DIG Assistant Coordinator. For Tasha, no matter what, “there’s always been SEEDS”.

As a DIG leader, Tasha works with high school students, educating them about issues related to food as well as the health benefits of eating fresh fruits and vegetables.  As the DIG Assistant Coordinator, she educates high school students about the issues behind food and about the health benefits of food. Tasha strives to not only teach her students about the importance of understanding where the food that they eat comes from, but also focuses efforts on other issues facing her students and works towards helping them become leaders. She attempts to build a collaborative environment for her students to learn how to develop teaching, listening, and collaborative skills so that once they get older, it will be natural for them to utilize the skills they have learned.

A passionate leader who holds many dreams for the future of the DIG program,. Tasha would love to see the DIG Program expand to eventually have interns from every school in Durham, where students will learn valuable lessons about where food comes from, and develop leadership skills. 

Tasha credits the DIG program with giving her a chance to expand her views and to become more diverse.  She states, “The more diverse you are, the more opportunities you can have. The DIG program has definitely contributed to my ability to be diverse.”

The people she has met within SEEDS and the experiences she has had through her work have allowed her to diversify her experiences in life. She says, “When you come to SEEDS . . . you’re going to meet someone you’re going to love and be friends with forever.” Overall, SEEDS is a community that has influenced the lives of many, and Tasha McMillan is one individual who has taken the skills SEEDS taught her as a high school student and utilized them to influence the lives of many teens in her own community.


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