Humane Chicken Processing Workshop, April 29

Humane Chicken Processing Workshop, April 29

Published Thursday, Feb 2, 2017

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Here at SEEDS, we teach youth of all ages how to grow and cook food. We grow fruit trees, annual veggies, harvest honey from bees, fish in our reflecting garden, and eggs and meat from chickens.

We’ve been taking good care of our happy chickens. They’ve given us many eggs to cook and eat. For the past three years, we’ve gotten three new tiny chicks of all sorts of breeds and egg colors to add to our flock each year. When chickens have aged three years, they start laying fewer eggs. We’ve decided that we would like to eat meat from our chickens when they reach this point, rather than letting their meat go to waste if they died of other causes. We have three chickens that are ready to be cooked into food this spring.

100 years ago, it would not have been uncommon for everyday people to butcher their own chickens in the backyard. Now, this has become a taboo and greatly misunderstood topic. Because of the horrific slaughter conditions of factory-farmed animals, people often think that chicken processing is going to be gross, mean, cruel, and inhumane. In reality, backyard slaughter is extremely quick, humane, and NORMAL.

Please join us in learning how to humanely harvest chicken meat from our local agriculture extension agent for Durham County, Cheralyn Schmidt Berry. We’ll gather from 9am-noon on Saturday, April 29th . This will be a hands-on workshop, so please come dressed to learn and help. We’ll take three of our chickens from harvest to being ready to cook.

The suggested donation for supporting our youth programs and participating is $25.

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