Potato Planting

Potato Planting

Published Friday, Apr 13, 2018

The ground is officially warmed for spring and our SEEDlings are hard at work planting spring and summer veggies in the ground in our newly constructed raised beds. We recently learned how to use sprouting potatoes to grow potato plants and had a blast!

SEEDlings took potatoes that had begun to sprout and cut them into chunks, making sure that an eye was in every chunk that would sprout a new plant.

After three kinds of potatoes had been safely cut using our Knife Ninja skills, we went to the garden beds and dug some trenches to plant the potatoes in.

Then, it was time to plant! With the piece of potato with the eye pointing upwards, we placed the potatoes about a trowel length apart and a few inches deep.


Once the potatoes were buried, we “mounded” the trenches to create hills of dirt over the potatoes, and will continue to build these hills as the potatoes sprout. The parts of the potato that get re-buried in this process will regrow roots and therefore more potatoes.

In 3-4 months, SEEDlings will be enjoying delicious potatoes, just in time for school to start back up again!


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