Summer Camp 2018: Ready, Set, Grow!

Summer Camp 2018: Ready, Set, Grow!

Published Friday, Jun 22, 2018

We are so excited this week to welcome our very first set of campers for SEEDS Summer Camp 2018, just in time for the first official day of summer! This week’s theme is “Ready, Set, Grow!” and our campers have been learning all about the basics of garden beds, different parts of the plant and how to identify them, how fruits and veggies are grow differently and much more.

We also spent the week cooking up lots of farm-fresh foods in the kitchen! This weeks’ menu was perfectly prepared by our mini chefs-in-training, and included basil, cabbage and tricolor bean fried rice, sage and tomato grilled cheese, and lentils & rice with radish raita!

Grateful for our awesome kitchen crew!

Campers used their knowledge of plant parts and all made “plant self portraits”!

We’re so excited for what this summer has in store for our campers! For more daily peeks into summer camp at SEEDS, be sure to follow along on our Instagram!

On the other angle, we can educate you on the questions to expect and how to tackle them when you get them on your test day.