So Long Summer Camp Session 2!

So Long Summer Camp Session 2!

Published Tuesday, Jul 30, 2019

What better way to say goodbye to Session 2 of summer camp than a blog post? Session 2 was the longest session, lasting 3 weeks and yet it had the smallest group of campers! This longer time frame allowed for campers to grow in the friendships they formed and to improve their farm and kitchen skills!

While I can say that there were many fun moments in Session 2, there are some clear highlights. On the farm front, campers helped to plant in one of the beds (some onions, I believe). This was a great chance for the mini farmers to learn about proper spacing, how deep to dig the holes, and proper watering for after planting. Additionally, the campers helped with doing some weeding in the garden and have worked on clearing a path in the garden. When doing farm work got too tiring, the game Oregano (made up by farm educator Trevor) was a hit! The game helped campers learn about different plant families and the parts of plants that are eaten. 

When not outside farming, campers were in the kitchen, helping to prepare our lunches daily. Knife skills and measuring skills were just a couple of kitchen skills that were vastly improved upon. Some of the favorite meals that we made during the session were pizza, lumpias, fried rice, vegan chilli, and more! Many of the kids were able to try foods they had not tried before. For the hot days, we made popsicles (lemon balm ginger and mango cantaloupe were the flavors we made!).

Additionally, during this session, campers learned about love languages and different ways to show love to themselves and others. Each love language was covered in depth and there were different activities that catered to each one. For example, for those who showed love through gift giving, campers made bath salts and necklaces. Campers were also able to write out words of affirmation to each other and give shout outs, which was a great way to show love and appreciation.

These activities were not all that campers got up to, with other things such as Zumba lessons, making smoothies and baked goods, and many craft activities also happening. One of the best things that was started was a camper reading time, where campers were able to select a book that they would read aloud during closing circle. 

Time to bring on Session 3!