Our Space

Our Space

SEEDS maintains an 1.75-acre urban farm and garden through the power and curiosity of our youth. Help them learn and grow by becoming a partner in our 25 for 25 Campaign! Check out our volunteer opportunities to see how you can come and grow with us on the farm!

Farm Terrace

Added in the Fall of 2018, this series of raised beds terraces this gently sloping hillside, providing the primary space in which our SEEDlings, our Elementary students, learn to farm and explore outdoors. Turning a previously difficult to use area into a productive 2000 sqft farm, the youth have had huge hauls of Okra, Potatoes, Tomatoes, Basil, Lettuce, Cabbage, and other seasonal vegetables, allowing more of the property a more sustainable permaculture focus.


Healing Garden

This part of the garden is where we grow both medicinal and culinary plants. Redolent with the scent of Tulsi and Lemon Balm in the warmth of Summer, this area has a bank of culinary herbs our youth learn to identify for use in their Cooking Program activities, and a wealth of annual and perennial medicinal plants with which the youth learn to make tinctures, salves, and teas. With sheltered benches and a gazebo with native grapes, this is the best spot on the farm to take a minute in nature.


Food Jungle

Designed with the principles of permaculture in mind, this area is slowly (such is the way with a new permaculture project!) transforming into a wild edible space with a variety of fruit and nut bushes, such as Hazelnut, Guava, Paw Paw, and Quince, as well as common edible forages, such as Sorrel.



DIG Garden

Across the street from our building is a plot full of the best soil you’ll find downtown, built up through years of dedication and ingenuity by DIG, our paid High School Urban Farm program. Organically and sustainably grown since the program’s inception, with the re-launch of DIG, we have new students picking up the mantle and learning the ways of the farm. In this plot you will find seasonal vegetables grown for our Cooking Program, for sale at market, and for the community.


Our Building

In late 2010, SEEDS transitioned from renter to owner in the purchase of the garden and the building at 706 Gilbert Street. This opened up a world of new possibilities for SEEDS – for our programs and for our community.

The new SEEDS building, constructed in 2014, holds a kitchen and a multipurpose classroom with communal tables where young people share meals they’ve made using food they grow in the garden.