DIG’s Green Roof is Falling – We Need Your Advice!

DIG’s Green Roof is Falling – We Need Your Advice!

Published Tuesday, Aug 19, 2014

During the last heavy rainstorm, our green roof structure in the DIG market garden started leaning over to the point of it being quite dangerous. It is leaning and sinking and some of the 4×4 posts are splitting.

The roof was built a few years back with the help of folks from Habitat for Humanity. We would love to save it, but it seems like it has to come down, so at least we would love to salvage as much of it as we can.

If you have experience with this kind of project, we want to talk with you! Your help could look like many different things: you are a construction/demolition company and want to donate time and equipment to taking it down, you have experience and can consult on how we can take it down ourselves, you are want to donate manpower to taking it down.

Whatever it is, please contact

We appreciate your help and support.

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