Oregano: The Veggie Card Game

Oregano: The Veggie Card Game

Published Wednesday, Aug 28, 2019

**Update 10/15!** Oregano is 87% funded!! Help us make it to the finish line with 8 days left!

Oregano: The Veggie Card Game is an educational game by our Farm Manager, Trevor Hyde. In line with his TEDx Talk, this game teaches players about the fruits and veggies we eat, which makes them less intimidating to try! Players learn about the parts of the plants we eat, as well as their friends and family, and the play style is similar to Crazy Eights so it is a format that is familiar to many players of all ages. 

Players match the card that is face-up in the middle of the play area. Similar to Crazy Eights, in which players match the card based on the suit or the number, in Oregano, the card can be matched by the Plant Family (which is also the color to make it friendlier for younger players), or the Plant Part (based on the diagram in the lower part of the card). Kids also love the different skips, reverses, and wilds that add flavor and randomness to the game, all while teaching important facts about our fruits and veggies that they can use when planting, cooking, or eating healthy fresh food!
Oregano: The Veggie Card Game will be funded through Kickstarter. It’s a unique platform where people can put up cool projects that require crowdfunding. Once the project launches, you can sign up to pledge money to help reach the funding goal (like a fundraiser), except you are only charged if the project reaches its funding goal – otherwise, nothing happens and no one is charged anything. 
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Trevor will also be playing and demoing Oregano: The Veggie Card Game:
8/28 – at Atomic Empire in Durham at 7pm
8/31 – at Durham Farmers Market downtown from 8am-12pm
9/4 – at the Oak House  in Durham at 5:30pm
9/7 – at Durham Farmers Market downtown from 8am-12pm